Cary, North Carolina

Tesla Rental Services

Explore our exclusive Tesla Rental Services, where cutting-edge technology meets eco-friendly luxury on the road. At FrunkYea Tesla Rentals, we specialize in providing a diverse fleet of the latest Tesla models, each available for you to experience without any feature restrictions. Whether you’re seeking a day of adventure, a special occasion drive, or a comprehensive ‘try before you buy’ opportunity, our tailored rental packages are designed to suit every need. Discover the joy and innovation of Tesla with flexible booking options, expert support, and a commitment to sustainability. Step into the future of driving with our seamless, fully featured Tesla rental experience.

Tesla Cybertruck

Step into the future with the Tesla Cybertruck, an embodiment of innovation and strength. Its distinctive, armored exterior and unparalleled performance redefine what an electric truck can be. Equipped with adjustable air suspension and a spacious interior, the Cybertruck is perfect for adventure seekers looking to push the boundaries of electric mobility.

Tesla Model X

Dive into luxury with the Tesla Model X, an electric SUV that does not compromise on performance or space. Featuring falcon wing doors, a panoramic windshield, and room for the whole family, the Model X is engineered for efficiency and comfort. It’s the ultimate choice for those demanding safety, luxury, and the clean power of electric propulsion.

Tesla Performance Model 3

Experience exhilarating speed and agility with the Performance Model 3. This Tesla combines electric efficiency with sports car performance, offering rapid acceleration, top-notch handling, and advanced autopilot features. Ideal for those seeking a thrilling drive without sacrificing comfort or sustainability.

Tesla Model S

Embark on a journey of luxury and lightning-fast acceleration with the Tesla Model S. Renowned for its long range and high performance, this electric sedan offers a seamless blend of sophisticated style, cutting-edge technology, and eco-conscious driving. Perfect for those who refuse to compromise on comfort or speed, the Model S redefines what an electric car can be. Rent the Tesla Model S today and experience the pinnacle of electric driving.


The minimum age to rent a vehicle with FrunkYea is 21-24 years of age depending on the vehicle listing.

A Young Driver Surcharge starts at $19 per day (maximum of $249 per rental) and applies for drivers between the ages of 21 to 24 on some listings.

A valid driver’s license for all named drivers and the credit card you used to pay.

For local renters paying with a debit card, two recent utility bills will also be required and a higher security deposit may be required.

All major credit cards – American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Discover, and Visa.

Some debit cards – Debit cards may be accepted at select location’s at FrunkYea’s discretion if the renter has two forms of government-issued identification & available funds.

NOT accepted are:

Pre-paid cards, Visa Electron cards, Check, Cash.

The amount that will be authorized includes the rental price as well as all additional charges and extras.

In general, when paying with a credit card, a minimum deposit of $300 will be held as an authorization for incidentals depending on the vehicle being rented; see listing and/or rental agreement for exact amount.

FrunkYea Tesla Rentals is currently available in the Raleigh/Cary area of North Carolina. Stay tuned for announcements about future expansions to more locations!

Your Tesla rental comes with full access to the vehicle’s features—no restrictions. This includes Autopilot capabilities for a safe and hands-free driving experience. You’ll also receive comprehensive support from our team before, during, and after your rental period for any questions or assistance you might need.

Absolutely! We offer flexible rental durations, including daily rentals. Whether you’re looking for a quick test drive experience, a special day out, or a longer-term rental, we’ve got you covered. Check our availability online or reach out for personalized arrangements.