Cary, North Carolina

Our Mission

At FrunkYea Rentals, LLC, we’re driven by more than just the road ahead. Our mission is to democratize the electric vehicle (EV) experience, making the unparalleled joy and innovation of Tesla accessible to all. By debunking myths and breaking down barriers, we aim to illuminate the true potential of electric mobility. Our fleet offers an affordable gateway to the world of Tesla, providing comprehensive ‘try before you buy’ opportunities for everyone from EV enthusiasts to the EV-curious. We’re not just renting out cars; we’re sharing the future of transportation, one Tesla at a time. Join us in accelerating the shift to sustainable driving and discover the joy of Tesla for yourself.

Company Founders

Chad Hurin, Co-founder

As the co-founder of FrunkYea Tesla Rentals, my software engineering background fuels our mission to democratize the Tesla experience. Focused on innovation and sustainability, we offer a seamless, tech-driven rental service. Our commitment to blending technology with eco-friendly transportation not only enhances the rental journey but also encourages a shift towards a sustainable future, showcasing our vision of more than just a ride, but a leap into tomorrow.

Min Hurin, Co-founder

As the co-founder of FrunkYea Tesla Rentals, my background as an ex-naval officer brings discipline and leadership to our Tesla rental service. Married to a technologist, I've embraced the innovation and sustainability of Tesla, applying my strategic skills to exceed client expectations. My naval experience, combined with a commitment to quality and innovation, ensures we provide a reliable, user-focused, and sustainable rental experience. I aim to inspire our clients with our dedication to advancing electric mobility.