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Our 2024 Cybertruck Goes Stealth with a Satin Black Wrap from King Tutt Graphics

FrunkYea Tesla Rentals collaborates with King Tutt Graphics to introduce an exclusive satin black wrap for the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck, offering a sophisticated and stealthy aesthetic. Their meticulous transformation showcases a commitment to style and experience, turning the Cybertruck into a statement of elegance and innovation available for unforgettable rental experiences.


The dawn of electric vehicles has paved the way for innovative designs and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cars. Among these futuristic marvels, the Tesla Cybertruck stands out with its unique aesthetic and cutting-edge features. At FrunkYea Tesla Rentals, we’re taking this innovation a step further by partnering with King Tutt Graphics, a leader in vehicle wraps in Raleigh, NC, to bring an exclusive transformation to our fleet’s newest addition: the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck.

The Vision:

Our vision was clear – to transform the Cybertruck’s avant-garde design into something even more striking. The goal? To blend sophistication with an edge of mystique. Satin black was the color of choice, promising to cloak the Cybertruck in a veneer of stealthy elegance that would turn heads on every street and every corner.

The Transformation Process:

King Tutt Graphics, known for their meticulous attention to detail and unmatched quality, took on the challenge. The process began with a thorough preparation of the Cybertruck’s exterior. Each panel was carefully cleaned to ensure the wrap would adhere smoothly and last for years to come. The satin black wrap was then meticulously applied, transforming the Cybertruck from its original metallic finish to a matte masterpiece.

Why Satin Black?

Satin black is not just a color; it’s a statement. It evokes a sense of mystery and sophistication, making the already futuristic Cybertruck even more of a showstopper. This choice reflects our commitment at FrunkYea Tesla Rentals to provide not just a vehicle, but an experience that is unrivaled in style and substance.

The Final Reveal:

The transformation was nothing short of breathtaking. The Cybertruck’s angular lines and rugged exterior, now adorned in satin black, exude an aura of elegance and power. This isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a piece of moving art, ready to make every journey unforgettable.

Experience the Stealth:

We invite you to experience this electrifying transformation firsthand. Whether you’re seeking an unforgettable ride or looking to impress, the satin black Tesla Cybertruck from FrunkYea Tesla Rentals, wrapped by King Tutt Graphics, promises an experience like no other. Step into the future and feel the thrill of driving not just an electric vehicle, but a statement of innovation and style.


At FrunkYea Tesla Rentals, we’re more than just a rental service; we’re curators of unique automotive experiences. The satin black Tesla Cybertruck is a testament to our commitment to innovation, style, and sustainability. In collaboration with King Tutt Graphics, we’ve created something truly special. We look forward to sharing this journey with you, one electrifying ride at a time.

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